A downloadable game for Windows

You play as Richard Bor. During your regular activities as a detective you uncover a great secret about the city. A familiar rythm, a pulse deep within the walls of this high-tek metropolis! Follow the lead, as you plunge deeper and deeper into dark streets of Tartapolis! Fight your way through using your fists, guns, bots and your instincts. Discover the true nature of the City!

Many souls inhabit this land under different forms and sizes.

Built upon an old crater the city is a technological marvel that stands alone over this land, protecting it's denizens from frequent hot glowing rain that torments this land. Yet something ominous pulses deep within the city and it's dark walls. 

Tartapolis is an action RPG in open city formula.

Explore a huge metropolis full of dark corners, aware technology and shady characters.  Fight your way through, as you evolve your fighting skills, acquire and upgrade weapons, tune up bots and complete side quests as you discover the true face of the city!

An agency is nothing without it's people! 

Among this great turmoil there stands your safe haven, a shelter from the outside world, your Bureau! And what a serious bureau would be without a good secretary! Richard's oldest friend and closest confidante Marla Cox! She is the heart of your office, and your source of information, jobs and advice if needed be. 

The bureau hosts certain functionalities, that aid Richard in managing his equipment, weapons and quests.  It's his place to rest, train and organize. 

Hidden in plain sight.

A detective job is to find things out and the best way is to talk to people! Every corner of Tartapolis is home to beings of various kinds. Big and small they all share this plane of existence dwelling on the streets and corners of the city. Yet something ominous is permeating the air. A dark presence is felt and is drawing ever closer, affecting everything in its path. Twisting it. Can you escape it's grasp?

What we have planned for the game:

We have been in development for 9 months. We already have implemented story, gameplay, rpg system, animations, sound, NPCs, Fx, most of the city level design, enemies, items and much more! The game is fully playable and we will make it available through Steam Early Access as soon as possible! 

The areas that require work include:

- side quests

- skills

- more enemies, and eventually city ecosystem you can catalogue for rewards

- secondary NPCs

- game balancing

- city expansion

- music and audio!

We just launched the indiegogo campaign. We are gathering funds for the music/sfx side of the game, so if you want to become a part of the project, consider supporting the game by getting some of our exclusive merchandise! Click image below for more info. Thanks!

This is the demo version, game is not fully implemented yet but we're working hard to release it as fast as possible. It represents a small portion of the game and should be treated as work in progress.


This game is currently unavailable